As the elections in andhra pradesh are approaching, politics is taking a crucial turn.. The ycp party has already announced its candidates and is rushing into the campaign. The situation is similar in all the three parties. Dissent among the leaders who did not get the seat has suddenly emerged. More especially, the dissension is more visible in the Jana Sena party. Leaders who did not get ticket in Jana Sena party are publicly showing their pawan kalyan churaks.. 

At present it seems that the leaders who did not get ticket in Jana Sena are leaving the party one by one. janasena leaders are coming out of the party criticizing Pawan's behavior. But even the leaders who have been in the party since the beginning are not getting tickets. The party workers openly expressed their displeasure that the janasena contested only 21 seats to the 40 mla seats expected by the janasena workers.

Even in the 21 seats that came as part of the alliance, strong objections are being expressed in the Jana Sena about allotting tickets to those who came from other parties. Leaders like Anakapalli Constituency Incharge Paruchuri Bhaskara Rao, Mammidivaram Constituency Incharge Pitani Balakrishna, vijayawada West Constituency Incharge Potina Mahesh and Pamula Rajeshwari have resigned from janasena, while another key leader recently said goodbye to the party. nellore Rural Constituency In-charge Manukrant announced his resignation from Janasena. Due to personal reasons, I have decided to resign from the post of janasena party nellore District President and all the posts assigned to me along with membership of janasena Party.

I have been loyal to the party for the last 6 years and have worked hard to build the Jana Sena Party. I would like to thank all of you and the members of the Jana Sena party who have supported me all these years. Please accept my apologies if my decision has caused any inconvenience to anyone. He wrote in his letter that he hopes everyone will respect my decision. But it seems that he came out of the Jana Sena because he did not like the behavior of party leader Pawan Kalyan. There are chances of Manukranth joining ycp soon in the presence of Jagan.

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