BJP's allies should pay attention…

This is the time of Hajj, Bakrid festival is about to come. If a Muslim head was in the ministry at this time, he would have understood things better. This does not mean that the current minister will do bad work. His trial is yet to come. By the way, if we look at bjp and its politics in the context of Muslims, it is the time of technology, just as we reboot our phone when it does not work, similarly, after the results of the government came, there was a time when they should have rebooted their system, given a big signal by including Muslims in the cabinet, maintained mutual brotherhood. After the term of mukhtar abbas naqvi in rajya sabha ended, there was a chance to bring him back or give a chance to someone else.

Along with Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussain is also one of the good leaders. mukhtar abbas naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain are being trolled by their own people. In such a situation, they should have been given a chance. Mohan Bhagwat's statements have come, they should have been given their rights considering it as a message. bjp alone cannot be held at fault in this, rather telugu desam party and janata dal united among the alliance parties could have also brought a Muslim face in the minority ministry.

Many things related to Muslims were also written in the election manifesto of both the alliance parties. It is not necessary that only bjp should do this, their alliance parties could also work on their behalf. chirag paswan could also be in it. Other alliance parties also did not demand minorities and did not work on it. But they too have failed somewhere in this.

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