425,000 rifles to be supplied - India's defence procurement…

In a significant development for India's defence procurement, the T4 rifle jointly developed by Jindal Defence and Brazilian firm Taurus Arms has completed its trials. The T4 rifle is expected to be supplied to the indian armed forces in a phased manner, marking a significant milestone in the country's ongoing efforts to modernise its military equipment. The T4 rifle has undergone extensive testing under a variety of conditions to evaluate its performance, reliability and durability, ensuring that the new weapon system meets the highest standards of operational readiness and effectiveness. The successful completion of trials is a testament to the rifle's robust design and advanced features, which will give impetus to its large-scale procurement process.

The T4 rifle has many features

The T4 rifle is a product of collaboration between Jindal Defence, a leading indian defence manufacturer, and Taurus Arms, a renowned Brazilian arms company. This partnership combines the manufacturing capabilities of Jindal Defence with Taurus' expertise in small arms development. The T4 rifle not only meets the specific requirements of the indian Armed Forces, but also strengthens the slogan Make in India. It also promotes indigenous production and reduces dependence on foreign imports.

The T4 rifle can play an important role in the modernization efforts of the indian Army. The T4 rifle is designed as a versatile and reliable weapon for various warfare. The modularity of the rifle is quite modern. This rifle is very accurate in aiming which is necessary to fight effectively in various war situations. Ergonomic design has been used in this rifle so that the T4 is easy to handle during use and provides comfort during long periods of use.

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