Pakistani army Chief Asim Munir may be banned in US...

In the US parliament, there is a growing call for the imposition of US sanctions against pakistan army Chief General Asim Munir. Congressman Ro Khanna, an American of indian descent, has stated that General Asim Munir is the true ruler of Pakistan. He has insisted that Asim Munir be subject to penalties from the US authorities for his alleged human rights violations. In addition, US Representative Greg Casar has called for Munir to be banned. He has called for changes to US policy toward pakistan, which could make it more difficult for pakistan to obtain weapons in the near future.

In response to international repressive crimes, Ro Khanna has requested that the US government impose sanctions on the Chief of the Pakistani army and other commanders. "We all know that imran khan is in jail and that the elections in pakistan were rigged," he remarked. Asim Munir is not a Pakistani general; Khanna has referred to him as a military ruler. "General Munir is going after the families of Americans who support democracy," he declared. We ought to outlaw General Munir and his allies right away.

The head of Pakistan's army will be held accountable

Supporters of Imran have indeed faced severe reprisals under General Munir's leadership. The brother of pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) politician Shahbaz Gill has been abducted. This is done with the intention of frightening General Munir's adversaries. However, US Member of parliament Greg Kasar has called for a shift in US policy so that General Munir can be held accountable for the horrendous corruption and human rights abuses that are taking place in Pakistan. In such a scenario, the united states will cease providing military assistance to pakistan until it satisfies its demands.

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