CM of both states are focusing on Unemployment..!?

*Chandrababu and revanth reddy who took a step forward on DSC.
*The problem of unemployment which has become a bane of previous governments.
*Precautionary measures to avoid mistakes this time.

The main reason for the change of governments in andhra pradesh and telangana is unemployment. The previous governments in Andhra and telangana did not care about the unemployed at all. Whether it was kcr or Jagan, they promised to provide massive jobs to the unemployed, and in the past five years, they have made the unemployed go nuts. Millions of unemployed people are holding sit-ins and rallies saying give us job notifications. The previous governments did not pay attention to it. There are lakhs of candidates who are preparing for the jobs of teachers with the unemployed of the state. In the last five years after the previous governments announced that they would give mega DSC for the unemployed teachers, this one teacher post was not filled. They could not even conduct the examination. As the percentage of students in the government school is constantly decreasing, the number of teaching posts is decreasing.
Thousands of teaching posts have been canceled due to previous governments not paying attention to these. The newly formed governments of revanth reddy and Chandrababu took steps to fill up the teaching posts as soon as they came to power. The selection process will be conducted and completed as soon as possible. Also, even if there are vacancies in the state, police jobs, and group jobs are also being prepared in installments. Also, the Chief Ministers of both the states are taking a step forward in creating private jobs. They will take steps to attract huge investments in their states, which will provide jobs to the unemployed locally. Currently the Chief Ministers of both the states are focusing on unemployment.

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