'Lavu' is the undisputed hero among telugu MPs..!?

- politics without factions and impurities.
- Development irrespective of parties and classes.
- What role will Lavu play in getting funds from the center?

In the current contemporary politics, political leaders who have the desire and determination to do something for the people while continuing with a clean image are rarely seen. Lavu srikrishna Devarayalu, mp of Narasa Raopet in joint guntur district is one of such. He is the successor of Vigyan Rattaiah, the head of educational institutions. Lavu srikrishna Devarayalu wanted to contest as Narasa Raopet mp from the telugu desam party in the 2014 election time. Lavu loves Chandrababu's vision. But in that election, Lavu's mobilization did not come together. Lavu, who joined ycp before the 2019 elections, wanted to contest as an mp from Guntur. In the end, with the changes in the leadership of ycp, there was a situation where he had to contest from the Narasa Raopet parliamentary seat, one of the most backward areas in the united Andhra Pradesh.
Even though he moved from guntur to Narasa Raopet at that time, the work he did there, besides being a highly educated person, he was a mild-mannered leader who stayed away from controversial politics. It must be said that none of the telugu MPs have done the services he has done in five years. The urge to do something for people from time to time is more visible in Lavu. Even though many MPs won from Narasa Raopet for the Varika Pudisela project, which was a dream of several decades for the farmers of Palnadu, Lavu fought tirelessly to get environmental permits from the Centre. He said without saying how much passion he has for the farmers by setting up excavators with his own funds in the parliament area and pouring roads in every constituency, every mandal, and every village.

A few hundreds of kilometers of roads were laid for the farmers and they got a good name beyond the parties. It is no exaggeration to say that no mp elected from andhra pradesh has done this in the last five years. Whether the parties and groups voted for us.. or not.. is unnecessary for Lavu. However, Lavu's theory is that if we are in trouble, we should help ourselves. If the farmers of amaravati region are fighting for the capital of amaravati, even though they are not in the jurisdiction of his parliament, Lavu himself came and expressed his support to them. Even though he was in the ruling party and faced some opposition in some matters, even if he faced criticism from his own party leaders, Lavu believed that he was honest in what he was doing and never backed down.

Chandrababu gave a big responsibility to Lavu who won from TDP. He was appointed as the parliamentary party leader of the crucial telugu Desam Party. In the current situation, Lavu has to work hard with his team to fight in the parliament and get special funds for the state. The ability to speak directly and clearly on the issues of the state in the parliament, good oratory, and contacts with the leaders of the central government for the last five years will also come together. In any case, what role will Lavu play in getting funds from the center for the construction of amaravati, the capital in the guntur district, and in getting big projects for the state, including Polavaram? This time, being in the ruling alliance at the center, how will plans be made to utilize this opportunity..? That should be seen.

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