"Is it because of Chandrababu and jagan, or is it because of Pawan?"

Even though some leaders have brought some good intentions, if the conditions are not favorable at the field level, those ideas also create very bad results. In spite of this fact, janasena leader Pawan Kalyan, who recently won as an mla and was elected as the deputy cm in AP, has also chosen his favorite departments and made him a minister. It was at that time that a crucial proposal was made in the first review itself.

Pawan Kalyan, who took charge as a minister in AP, brought a crucial proposal in the first review. It has become a question why the current employment guarantee, especially at the rural level, should not be extended to the field level.. Actually, this is a good idea, but at the field level, it remains an idea that has failed twice so far. Chandrababu and YS jagan also did the same in the past. But after seeing the results, it seems to be damaged.

In fact, employment guarantee jobs are much less compared to regular wage jobs. These employment guarantee jobs are enough to do for two hours. But it can also be said that this money is not enough for the work done in the fields. At present, laborers are getting Rs 220 per day under the Employment Guarantee Scheme. Also, they are providing 100 days ten me which is linked to agricultural works Pawan thought that the burden on the farmers would be reduced and also 100 days ten me are also being provided. Although Pawan thinks that if it is linked to agricultural work, the burden on the farmers will be reduced. In the past jagan and Chandrababu also proved that it is not practically possible to divert those who come for employment guarantee work to farm work. And it remains to be seen whether Pawan succeeds in diverting the employment guarantee work to agricultural work.

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