Did KL rahul go to that bad place and get caught..!?

KL rahul, who captained the lucknow team in the IPL cricket series, was pulled out in the second half after sustaining an injury while fielding. As a result, rahul withdrew from the World Test championship final match. Also, the information about when rahul will return to the indian team is not certain. It was reported that KL rahul is staying in london and trying to recover his fitness. Due to this, fans were waiting for Rahul's arrival. In this situation, a shocking video of KL rahul has been released. A video of rahul going to a strip club in london and enjoying seeing the beautiful girls dancing in nude clothes is going viral on social media. This shocked the fans. rahul, who is a prestigious cricketer in India, was advised by many people whether he would be involved in such a thing. In this situation, Rahul's wife has now given an explanation about this. In that, she would think to remain silent without answering everything. But sometimes she has to stand up for herself. KL rahul, her and their friends always go to some place, so please stop twisting things. Check the truth of any news before publishing it. Rahul's wife Athiya Chetty has mentioned that peace and love prevail.

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