Chat GPT created by Open AI has now become a sensation in the world. This artificial intelligence is competing with human intelligence. Chat GPT has been creating wonders worldwide since its beta version was released in november 2022. It can perform various tasks like writing code, composing poetry, creating website content.  

It has proven to be capable of many more things. However GPT-4, an improved and more powerful version of Chat GPT, is now at the center of another sensation. The idea that it could be a suit to replace human jobs scares employees. sam Altman, the founder of 'Open AI' created by Chat GPT, recently made a sensational announcement. 

He admitted that Chat GPT could replace some human jobs but he assured that human creativity is limitless and new jobs will be created. Altman admits to being "a little apprehensive" about his creation, admitting that artificial intelligence will "reshape society. It comes with some real dangers." 

Altman emphasized that there is a risk that even though Chat GPT is under human control, humans do not establish the necessary safety limits. He urged society to figure out how to manage and respond to the growing power of AI. Overall, Altman believes AI could be the greatest technology mankind has yet developed to improve our lives. 

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