Since bigg boss 7 began, Rathika Rose has been the centre of attention. She and another competitor Pallava prashant got into a furious argument this week, which caused the internet to buzz about her hot temper. On social media, rumours have been circulating that bigg boss season 3 winner rahul Sipliganj and Rathika had a connection in the past. Rahul's instagram story is currently trending on social media in the midst of this.

In a conversation with bigg boss, Rathika claimed that her ex-boyfriend is more important to her than her parents and that she had experienced a heartbreak before entering the bigg boss house. Later, she pretended to be 'good' with Pallavi Prashanth. Unexpectedly, she nominated him and appointed him to the position.

She is now producing material by being 'good' to prince Yawar. Everyone in the house is aware that Rathika is putting on a phoney act. Rahul's most recent instagram story is now trending on social media in the midst of this. He avoided using the names Rathika or Bigg Boss. However, his cryptic message appears to be a retort to someone inside the home and appears to be directed towards Rathika. Rathika recently told sivaji that she becomes agitated when other roommates bring up the subject of his ex-boyfriend.

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