Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) otherwise called the Mangalyaan mission finishes seven years of circling the red planet today. ISRO's Mangalyaan shuttle is circling Mars since september 24, 2014. Mother is India's first interplanetary mission to cross the Earth's circle effectively. Mangalyaan is frequently hailed as India's best space mission and for its expense adequacy. The mission was planned at Rs 450 crores or USD 74 million which, by Western norms, is awesomely modest. NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) orbiter to Mars, dispatched around a similar time, had cost around sevenfold the amount.

India's first interplanetary undertaking assisted India's with dividing organization set up a Martian Atlas dependent on the pictures given by the orbiter. The Mars Color Camera took close distance pictures of Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars. Mother is the main Martian counterfeit satellite that could catch the full circle of Mars in a single view outline and takes pictures of the most distant side of Deimos, the space office had said. A significant-finish of the mission has been the finding that residue storms on the Martian can ascend to many kilometres.

The Mangalyaan space apparatus conveyed along with no less than 100 kg of fuel for possibility and circle remedies and the fuel is still left in wealth. One of the critical purposes behind the long endurance was ISRO's capacity to do moves without squandering fuel. Up until now, the space apparatus had endured the death of comet Siding Spring, kept away from a long obscuration that might have conceivably depleted its batteries and endure the correspondence power outage for a time of one month from june 2, 2015, to July 2, 2015, because of the sun based combination.

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