The dog took away the tiger by holding its ear, and fought with 4 lions at once, if you do not believe then watch the video

A video of a tiger dog and lion has gone viral on social media which is quite interesting.

You must have seen a dog and cat fight many times. The dog always dominates the cat. Videos of animal fighting are often seen on social media, but have you ever seen a dog fighting a tiger? See, people can't even think like this, but a video of a dog and a tiger fight has gone viral on social media. 

In the viral video, a fierce fight is going on between a lion, a tiger, and a dog. This amazing video has been shared by an instagram page named Animals Power. After this, this video was also shared on Twitter. In the video, people can see a golden retriever dog trying to bite off the ear of a tiger

During this, the dog has a tight grip on the ear of the tiger and it seems as if it wants to bite the ear of the big cat. Later the lion comes from behind and tries to attack the tiger. However, the tiger jumps even when the dog continues to fight with him. The video is believed to have been made in a zoo as some wanderers can be seen around the fence.

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