Soon, viewers may have to choose between price and view when going to the movies. The biggest theatre chain in the country is poised to launch Sightline at AMC, a pricing strategy depending on the location of your seat in the theatre. AMC will now offer opportunities to pay more or less depending on where one chooses to sit, just like Broadway, music performances, sporting events, or concerts. In other words, the front row seats will cost less, while the middle seats would cost more. Then there will be tickets with Preferred Sightlines, which are more expensive.

Seats in Preferred Sightline can be reserved at no additional cost for AMC Stubs A-list members. This tactic has been used for many years in India. The front rows are offered for as little as Rs. 50, and the balcony tickets cost Rs. 200. This arrangement is referred to as the slab system. By the end of the year, additional AMC theatres will join the project, which will initially launch in New York, Chicago, and Kansas City. However, not everyone is pleased with this new development. The new strategy, according to one online user, will penalise lower-income groups and favour higher-income ones.

Another person noted that he or she had already spent $30 on a drink and some candies and said that AMC could not reasonably upcharge for anything. Another person who expressed anger at the action claimed she went to the movies because they were enjoyable and easily available. Through a social media post, she made it apparent that she was unwilling to pay more to be seated in the theater's centre. Some even mocked AMC by saying that the theatre business must be pleased that moviegoers are still attending theatres to view films!

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