Smoke released from AC coach...!? Commotion in odisha train..!

The incident of smoke emission from the AC coach of the Secunderabad-Agartala Express train has created a lot of excitement. The odisha train accident shocked the world. The accident exposed the safety lapses in the railway system. Therefore, experts are demanding to improve the security system by using modern security tools.

Smoke emitted from AC coach:

The incident of smoke from the AC coach of the Secunderabad-Agartala Express train has caused a lot of stir while the recent accident is not calmed down due to the Coromandel Express train accident. Passengers alerted railway officials about smoke coming from the air-conditioning unit inside the train. Subsequently, the train stopped at brahmapur railway station in Odisha. Despite the immediate control of the smoke, panicked passengers refused to travel in the particular compartment fearing a further power outage. They demanded to change the train carriage. Earlier, some passengers first raised the alarm after seeing smoke coming from the B-5 compartment. Following this, the passengers got down from the train. They refused to board the train again. A railway official said that there was a small electrical leakage in the train compartment.
Train Stopped at brahmapur Station:

After the Secunderabad-Agartala Express stopped near brahmapur station, the staff on duty boarded the B-5 coach and fixed the problem immediately, he said. The Coromandel Express left Shalimar railway station in kolkata for chennai last Friday. The train derailed near Pahanaka Bazar station in Odisha's Balasore district. In which 10-12 coaches of Coromandel Express derailed and overturned. The accident caused a great shock. Moments later another Yeswantpur to Howrah train coming on the opposite track collided with the derailed coaches. As a result, people trapped in derailed boxes were seriously injured. This train accident is considered to be the worst accident in the last 20 years. In this, 288 people died. Are the trains running properly? Isn't it? Officials are saying that a malfunction in the interlocking system, which helps to detect, and conspiracy may be the cause of the train accident.

Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnav explained that the cause of the accident was a change in the electronic interlocking system that could change the train's track. Similarly, Railway Board member Jaya Verma Sinha said that the trains involved in the accident were not running at high speed.

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