In a few hours, PS 1, Mani Ratnam's biggest film, will be released. The huge star cast, the music of AR Rahman, and Mani Ratnam's fame have all raised anticipation for the film. In one of the videos used to promote the film, which Vikram, karthi, Trisha, and jayam ravi have been doing a great job at, vikram revealed the truth behind making PS 1 in 2011. According to Vikram, Vijay and mahesh babu were there for the first PS 1 shoot, and vikram was playing the same Aditha Karikalan role. The movie was eventually shelved for a variety of reasons, and now karthi and jayam ravi have reprised their respective roles as Vijay and Mahesh.

The tweets from mahesh babu from 2011 that stated, "My dream is coming true finally..I shall be working in a mani rathnam film," could now be related to by followers. It is well known that mani ratnam attempted to make ponniyin selvan twice, once in 1994 and again in 2011. It was one of my most happy days ever. Both times, the project did not go according to schedule. rekha was Mani Ratnam's first pick for the role of Nandhini, but now aishwarya Rai fills it.

Back then, there were speculations that mahesh babu and Vijay were producing a multi-star tamil film, but they suddenly disappeared. We would have seen ponniyin selvan with mahesh babu and Vijay in the same movie in 2011 had that attempt been successful. The kalki Krishnamurthy historical fiction novel was adapted into the film Ponniyin Selvan.

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