The most seasoned politician who made a name for himself in Andhra Pradesh's political history, whether for good or bad, was tdp President N Chandrababu Naidu. While his supporters and certain caste fanatics praise him and credit him with several good works, his adversaries condemn him by calling attention to his selfish behaviour. Whatever it was, he had a lot of fun in the past bragging about having the power to choose presidents and prime ministers as well. But this is the worst time in his life right now.

Here are a few justifications.

Politically Useless Son:

Chandrababu Naidu cannot benefit politically from lokesh Naidu. It goes without saying that the legacy of any movie star or political figure never endures unless the successor is powerful. At every turn, lokesh has demonstrated his lack of political acumen and illiteracy. He hasn't even been elected as an mla yet, but he has held ministerial positions since his father was a cm and received the nomination as an MLC. lokesh is primarily to blame for CBN's current situation as a whole.

No Faith:

It's quite challenging to believe Chandrababu Naidu. The life of Sr. ntr is the standard example. He betrayed him after winning his trust and took the party. Just before the 2019 elections, narendra modi betrayed him once more after he had grown to trust his partnership. Whoever put their trust in him was foolish. His relationship with anyone lasts as long as they perceive him as being beneficial. He has believed for years that pawan kalyan can help him and the bjp get along. But he only recently learned that Janasenani's mission was a failure. So nobody is aware. He might also turn on Pawan Kalyan.

Availability of Media:

The only place where CBN lives is in the yellow media. He has only been able to support himself by keeping up his news outlets and media networks. In India's history, no one has relied solely on the media to maintain their political position. But with social media now being so pervasive, the mainstream media is losing its ability to continue providing CBN with the same kind of support. A number of social media activists and youtubers are calling out the inaccurate projections of journalists in the yellow media, making them objects of ridicule.

No confidence without alliances:

CBN is aware that he is not infallible. He has always been a proponent of asking for assistance. As a one-man army, he failed to win any elections. Without an alliance, he feels trapped and helpless. This is misrepresenting him to the people and making him appear little in comparison to YS jagan Mohan Reddy. Because CBN seems to be a weak wicket, the impartial voters are not leaning in his direction.

Every Word is a Lie:

We can say that CBN is the bundle of lies, much as Aristotle once said that "Man is a bundle of wishes." Nedurumalli Janardana reddy lost the honour of creating HiTec City in madhapur to him. He portrays his historical betrayal of his father-in-law as a need for political good. He continues to tell lies, and he gets his supporters and the media to do the same. The time when people accepted his lies is long gone. The voters now know how many lies he speaks in a month since everything has been made public. By all accounts, CBN is going through the hardest time of his life, and it will be extremely challenging for him to get out of this mess.

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