Similar to a free hit in cricket, Kalyan ram is given practically a wide field for his Amigos release. The actor has his film "Amigos" coming out on february 10th, and if we look around, all the odds are in his favour. Kalyan ram is playing three roles for the first time in his career, and this film is an experiment like his earlier film Bimbisara. Expectations were aroused by the teaser and trailer, and NTR's attendance at the pre-release event generated sufficient buzz for the movie.

Kalyan Ram's Amigos is certain to have strong openings given the success of his last movie Bimbisara. Other than that, Amigos doesn't face any opposition at the box office. Despite Kabzaa by upendra being released in theatres on the same day, Amigos will generate more excitement. A new film called "Popcorn" is coming out, but it might not matter to the Amigos.

Kalyan Ram's Amigos will be making money like Bimbisara if the various stuff he tried even receives a passing mention. At least Sita Ramam gave Bimbisara a hard time back then. It will be interesting to observe how Kalyan ram engages the audience with his "Amigos."

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