In the ongoing MLC elections, the ysr congress, which is in power, suffered its first defeat. While the party handily won the MLC seats for local bodies, it suffered a painful loss in the MLC seats for graduates. chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy should reconsider his plans since the "Why Not 175?" campaign anthem would no longer be used in the 2024 elections. 

For jagan, who had earlier been confident in his triumph, the party's defeat in the graduates' constituency serves as a cautionary tale. The tdp is expected to win the party's sole seat in Uttarandhra, and it will have a difficult time holding onto the two seats in Rayalaseema. The data show that the tdp still has an advantage in this group since the ysr congress was unable to engage the graduates who are urban educated voters.

The party has suffered a great deal as a result of jagan and his core team's seeming overconfidence in their ability to win. The core team members, who inform jagan on the reality on the ground, lack coordination. The loss of the MLC seats held by graduates is probably going to send the wrong signals to the rest of the electorate, which could affect the elections in 2024.

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