Because the supreme court on tuesday declined to issue a stay on the state high court's decision from march 3, 2022, and instead extended the hearing date by an additional three and a half months, the future of the capital city of andhra pradesh remains uncertain. Justices K M Joseph and B v Nagaratna, who sit on a division bench of the supreme court, heard the special leave petition that the jagan Mohan reddy administration submitted in an effort to overturn the high court's decision. 

The court ruled that the case cannot be expedited as the state government had requested. The supreme court bench denied the state government's attorney's repeated requests for a stay of the high court's decision and chose to hear the appeal only on July 11. On July 11, he said, "We'll take it up as the first case." Venugopal claimed that because the state government withdrew the three capitals bill, the high court's ruling was meaningless. However, the court rejected his argument.

Interestingly, Justice Joseph announced that he would be retiring on june 16 and would therefore be unable to take up the next session. I cannot conduct a thorough hearing of the case and give the judgement on such short notice, he said. The case was therefore scheduled for July 11 after Justice Joseph declared that a fresh bench would be assembled to hear it. In the meantime, the applicants' attorney informed the court that some of the farmers who had previously impleaded in the case had passed away and asked for permission for their heirs to do so.

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