Srikalahasti: More difficulties for Sudhir Reddy..!?

When the elections come, there are many kinds of incidents happening between the leaders, such as hustling and falling out. At present, the same trend is continuing in Andhra Pradesh. If the people who got tickets are indulging in the hype, the people who didn't get are a bit sad. At the same time, we are seeing high-level leaders calling people who have not received tickets and giving various assurances. Similarly, the same thread continues in tirupati srikalahasti Constituency. President Chandrababu has calmed down but the results are not coming. What happened there?
Sudhir reddy, son of gopala krishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='bojjala-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>bojjala Gopalakrishna reddy, was given a ticket by TDP. But NCV Naidu, who was the mla of this constituency in the past, left the ysr party and joined tdp and expected a ticket. At the same time, chandrababu naidu was staying at srikalahasti during the Prajagalam Sabha and told NCV Naidu to move, but it seems that NCV Naidu was in bed without paying attention.
  They are staying at home saying that I will come to campaign. Apart from him, it seems that the kamma social group is also a Guban along with him. At the same time, a campaign is also going on. In this constituency, Rajesh Naidu, who tried to contest from the telugu Desam party, was in the congress ring until he did not get the ticket. However, there are reports that NCV Naidu has also given a ticket to Rajesh Naidu. With this, it seems more likely that all the kamma votes will go to Rajesh Naidu. Due to this kind of dissatisfaction in tdp, it is being propagated that it will be difficult for sudhir reddy to win here.

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