Just 1 Tablet reduce the risk of heart attack!!!

Nowadays most of the people are facing heart related diseases due to bad lifestyle and wrong eating habits. For the last several days, there is an increase in the cases of heart attack Risk. If seen, people of all ages are becoming victims of heart attack. This problem increases when the blood flow to the heart is severely reduced which can cause heart disease, stroke. Researchers claim that this new drug greatly reduces the risk of heart attack. This medicine has been proved in a research.

Researchers claim about Nexletol

Researchers say that this drug reduces the risk of heart attack. Along with this, it also brings down the high cholesterol level. The effect of this medicine has been proved in a research. The name of this new medicine is Nexletol. There are already many medicines for cholesterol which also contains statins, but it is different from statins. A class of drugs called statins is used to reduce cholesterol. Some side effects are also seen in the body due to its use. New drug nexletol which is quite different from statins. Nexletol lowers the risk of cholesterol-related diseases.

No side effects

Scientists say that Nexletol is chemically Bempedoic acid. It may not be a statin, but it works in a similar way. It reduces the increased cholesterol level. Due to some side effects of statins, many people do not take this medicine. Nexletol can prove to be a panacea for heart-related problems.

no muscle pain

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