In Andhra Pradesh, onion prices are aiming for the stars. Given the current price, there are rising worries about whether onions will be available in the future. I can't picture a kitchen without onions, especially in the winter... onion prices are tearing the market apart. The common man has no choice but to buy onions as the price continues to rise. The weekly budget is increasing as the price of rice increases by just over Rs 10 per kilogram. This is owing to lower agricultural yields in kurnool and crop losses in karnataka and rajasthan due to rainfall. Pests in the kurnool district also played a role in the lower-than-expected yields. According to market sources, the scenario will persist till the end of the month.

The wholesale price of onions in maharashtra, the primary state for onion production, is quoted at Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg in the major marketplaces. According to traders, it costs up to Rs 9 per kg, including transportation and other expenditures. Locally produced onions are now being offered at wholesale prices ranging from Rs 45 to Rs 50. At retail, you can expect to pay up to 55 dollars. Second-grade onions are priced between Rs 35 and Rs 40 per kilogram. The cost of a product is determined by its quality. onions are priced at Rs 40 per kg at the Krishnasramam farmers' market.

During the months of September, October, and november, onions from karnataka, as well as kurnool in our state, arrive at the local market. From november to August, onions are imported from various parts of Maharashtra. For the rest of the year, except for an average of three months, the state imports onions from maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and other states. The onion production in the state of karnataka did not meet expectations due to rain. onions are brought to the market from the kurnool district's Vinayakachavithi. Due to bugs, the yields were reduced this time. 

The main reason for the increase is because we have been receiving local goods since December. As a result of recent business scandals, such as crop failure, demand for this speciality has skyrocketed. The scenario will remain unchanged until new commodities arrive in maharashtra markets by the end of October. Under obligatory conditions, large hotels, catering companies, and bakery merchants are forced to acquire at higher costs.

The kurnool onion is becoming more popular among retailers and ordinary customers. As a result, traders are interested in importing kurnool onions. In Guntur, maharashtra onions sell 5 to 6 truckloads per day. As prices grow, daily sales are believed to be greater than 3 to 4 truckloads of items. According to wholesalers, the price has risen to Rs 9 per kg in maharashtra markets, increasing the cost and resulting in weight loss after purchase.

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