Shehnaz Gill and sara ali khan romanced behind the scenes, the video went viral

Sara-Shehnaaz Romance: 'Bigg Boss' fame Shehnaaz Gill is in a lot of discussions these days with her YouTube show 'Desi Vibes'. Popular stars are arriving as guests one after the other in this show. Very soon Gas Light actress sara ali khan is going to be seen in this show. Meanwhile, a funny video of both has surfaced.

Sara-Shehnaaz Romance: Actress Shehnaaz Gill has a tremendous fan following. Apart from sharing different photos and videos on social media, Shahnaz is also very popular for her chat show 'Desi Vibes with Shahnaz Gill'. The show features celebrities from the entertainment industry with whom Shehnaaz talks about their professional and personal lives. By sharing the video on her social media account, Shahnaz has told that sara ali khan will be seen in the upcoming episode. Its promo video is becoming very viral on social media.

Shehnaz shared a promo video

Shahnaz Gill and sara ali khan shared a collab video on their official instagram account. This is the promo of the upcoming episode of 'Desi Vibes With Shehnaaz Gill', in which sara ali khan will be seen promoting her upcoming film 'Gaslight'. However, the scene in this video clip is shocking for everyone. To make this promo special, sara and Shahnaz have done something, after seeing what you might be shocked about.

The actress was seen doing strange acts in the video.

The promo video begins with Shahnaz Gill, who is seen doing 'knock-knock' on the screen. Shortly sara ali khan comes out from behind the curtain and starts singing actress Chitrangada Singh's superhit song 'Kundi Mat Khadkao Raja, Seedha Andar Aao Raja'. A similar song has been used in the teaser of 'Gaslight' as well. Hearing this, Shahnaz closes the curtain and both of them start doing something behind the scenes. From their actions, it seems that these two are kissing each other.

Shehnaaz is getting positive responses to the show

The real fun comes when Shehnaaz comes out and says, 'All my lipstick got spoiled'. It is certainly clear that all this was done for the promotion of this upcoming episode. It looks like a lot of fun to watch this video. Although this video is shot only for the entertainment of the people and there is nothing obscene in it. Shahnaz Gill's chat show is getting positive responses from the audience. Before sara ali khan, many stars including shahid Kapoor, sunil Shetty, Ayushmann Khurrana, and kapil sharma were seen gossiping in the show.

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