Obscenity, filthy language would not be permitted in the name of creativity by streaming platforms or OTT, pointed out Information minister Anurag Thakur on Sunday, hinting that the government will not hesitate from intervening if someone "crosses the limit". A multimedia streaming service that is over-the-top is one that is provided online directly to viewers. OTT avoids the broadcasting, cable, and satellite platforms.

"We will not tolerate abuse committed in the name of creativity. The government takes complaints about the rise in abusive and offensive content on OTT platforms seriously. The ministry will take that into consideration as well if any modifications to the rules are necessary in this regard, Mr. Thakur told the reporters in Nagpur.

"Creativity, not obscenity or abuse, was allowed on these sites. And when someone goes too far, employing rudeness improperly in the name of creativity is not acceptable at all. The administration would not back down from taking whatever steps are necessary in this regard, he continued. The Minister's comments follow the delhi High Court's harsh criticism of the web series "College Romance" a few days prior. The series' sexually explicit language could corrupt impressionable minds, the court warned in strong words, because it is so widely available.

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