The telugu OTT market has been lacking in worthwhile options, making it difficult to find something to watch. Balagam, which made its OTT premiere on amazon Prime yesterday, seems to put an end to the wait. At the box office, the movie did reasonably well, especially in the Nizam region. Balagam is now being hailed as an emotionally moving ride following its OTT launch. After making its OTT debut, the movie has received mostly good reviews.

These movies are more suitable for home viewing and the OTT audience, even though they may not appeal to all segments of the public. The movie's conclusion is reportedly one of its most moving moments. This movie may make an excellent watch for individuals who enjoy rural dramas. comedy actor venu, who is also a director, is in charge of the picture. The lead character in the Telangana-based social drama is played by Priyadarshi. It is available for telugu streaming on amazon Prime Video.

The recent blockbuster Balagam is making it possible for a movie to perform well both in cinemas and on OTT at the same time, which is unusual. On amazon Prime Video, the film suddenly made its OTT debut. In this venu Yeldandi film, priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram portrayed the main characters. The movie is currently trending at number two on India's Prime Video rankings. The tamil audience in particular is really enjoying this film.

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