Recently, samantha went through a lot. She developed the muscular condition Myositis following the much-publicized divorce. In addition, samantha has avoided the media ever since the most recent developments and has done the same with Shakuntalam. In regards to Yashoda, samantha only recorded one interview with Suma. She has done the same thing for Shakuntalam as well, dropping a pre-recorded interview with Suma.

One reason samantha is avoiding interactions with the media could be that she is concerned that the media will ask her controversial questions about the divorce. However, she has already completed two new theatrical releases. For a star beauty like her, it's foolish to avoid live media interactions for so long. Therefore, it remains to be seen how much longer she will resist the media.

While the love of friends and family is always abundant, the love of fans is always special for celebrities. They are able to continue because of their unwavering support and loyalty. So sweet was samantha Prabhu's recent interaction with a fan who bravely suggested she start a relationship. the family man 2 actor replied with a sweet comment, despite the possibility that it would have been offensive otherwise.

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