We've seen plenty of movies with unpolished people and rural backdrops. dasara is not only one of them but also one of the best in terms of technological accomplishment. Excellent photography is used. The inland feel is so expertly kept to align with the story, from the frames where we see the roads surrounding the quarry to the sunset shots. The movie is lit dimly throughout, and that atmosphere also establishes the plot. 

Excellent background music elevates the graph during action scenes. The script is strong. The music by Chamkeela Angeelesi is outstanding in every way. sai kumar and Samthurakani have very small roles in other actors, but they performed well. Dharani's group of pals is excellent. Shine tom Chacko had a bland appearance that could have been more vibrant and arresting.

Star Naturally dasara and nani are arriving in a new, tough appearance against a sparse, rural background. Actor srikanth Odela, a newcomer, seemed to have great confidence in the results of his guidance of the talented actor. The trailer piqued everyone's interest. The movie was just launched in theaters, but it's already raging at the box office, earning more than $500k.

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