Suriya ended rumors by visiting with his father..!?

Actor surya and his wife, including children all visited Keezadi Arukasthiyagam in Madurai. The photographs of this have been published and are being viewed virally. Keezadi Museum has been built in an area of about 2 acres in madurai at a cost of Rs.18.43 crore. The culture of Tamils, their life, civilization, etc., has been arranged in such a way that the people of the world can know it. On behalf of the Department of Archeology of the government of tamil Nadu, excavations are being carried out in five phases from the year 2018 till now. In this excavation, more than ten thousand rare items such as earthen pots, bells, weapons, accessories of the people of that time, etc. have been kept in this museum for public viewing. stalin inaugurated it on the 5th of last month. Following this, while thousands of people, including school children, visit this museum every day, actor surya has given a pleasant surprise by paying a visit with his family today. Actor surya settled in mumbai with his wife and children 2 months ago. It was said that the reason was a difference of opinion between surya and Sivakumar. After Vijay, Suriya also responded to the rumors that came out of this visit while there were some reports that Suriya had left his father to suffer. When actor Suriya came to visit Keezhadi with his wife and children, Sivakukar also came with them. Through this, there is no problem between father and son. It has been revealed that all the information spread like this is a fabrication. Also, since the viewing time of Keezadi Museum is 10 o'clock, Surya's family allowed them to visit the museum before that. It is noteworthy that when they came out after visiting, it was past 10 o'clock, and no public was allowed inside. It is noteworthy that minister S. Venkatesan was with the Surya-Jyotika family when they visited Keehadi Museum.

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