For many people, preparing and enjoying food under banana leaves is still a cultural practice. They are more than just banana leaves; they are the lifeblood of tamil cuisine. tamannaah bhatia, our darling, returns to her origins by eating on a banana leaf. "Going back to the origins one step at a time!" Tam posted with photos of herself costumed as a goddess and that photo got a good response on her instagram profile account.

"When I dine on banana leaves, I feel like a goddess! It's simple to locate, and it's also beneficial to the environment! One step at a time, returning to the roots!, "Tamannaah Bhatia's writing was accompanied by photographs. In the opinions section of the article, tamannaah Bhatia's very lovely images are getting a lot of love. samantha added a heart emoji to the image as well. However, netizens brutally trolled her in a vulgar manner.

They photoshopped a porn picture and added that with Tamannaah's Goddess avatar and that photo has got a huge response as well and most of them can't stop laughing about it. However, some of the netizens were shocked as they literally insulted a religion under the name of trolls on the Internet. tamannaah as always kept quiet and never reacted or responded to those kinda memes and she provided a calm and composed response on her social media.

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