The movie "Bangarraju" which was grandly released in the theaters today as a Sankranthi festival gift with many expectations. The sequel to the story of Soggade Chinninayana received a good positive talk. If you watch the movie, you will understand that director Kalyan krishna has shot this movie as a full family entertainer.

 Nagachaitanya as Nagarjuna's grandson. In the same way, Kriti Shetty has teamed up with naga chaitanya in this role as the heroine in the role of Sarpanch. So far we have seen Kriti Shetty in two movies. In the musical character in the first movie surge, Dad was impressed to appear as a frightened girl. In the second movie nani Shyam Singarai, she gave a full modern look and made a splash with hot scenes. In the third movie, she appeared as a village girl and impressed once again.

The village girl is not the type to silently wear skirts and listen to what the adults in the house say. Educated..he is correct in what he say.People who have seen the film in theaters seem to have performed better in this role than in the two previous films. Especially the work of Nagalakshmi as Nagalakshmi in this movie is divided in the coming scenes with Shetty Bangarraju's granddaughter. The words spoken like by lady tiger Nagachaitanya entertained the crowds who came to the theaters. for that work she scored 100 marks in the role of Nagalakshmi with full head weight. Bangaraju also made his third hit with the film Ammadu Muchata.

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