PS-1 twitter Review: The audience gave 100 marks out of 100 to Mani Ratnam's film, and called it the best movie ever

Ponniyin Selvan-1 is currently receiving a lot of love on Twitter. Mani Ratnam's film is getting a positive response from the audience to the reviews.

Mani Ratnam's film 'Ponniyin Selvan-1' has hit the theaters today. Viewers watching the First Day First show have also started sharing the review of this historical film on social media. How much this film, which competes with the box office Vikram Vedha, will collect on its opening day, it will be known after 9 o'clock tonight. However, how is the film? We can get this information now. Let us know, how people watching PS-1 in theaters have given reviews to Mani Ratnam's film.

Let us inform you that Mani Ratnam's film Ponniyin Selvan-1 is based on the novel by kalki Krishnamurthy. This book was first published in 1955. The makers of ponniyin selvan paid tribute to writer kalki krishnamurthy before releasing the film in theatres. The producer of the film lyca productions shared the tweet and wrote, "This small post from our side in honor of the hard work and mind behind the novel Ponniyin Selvan-1! Remembering Kalki!"

Let us tell you that the person who has read the book Ponniyin Selvan-1 and seen Mani Ratnam's film in the theatres, liked the film more than the book. A user has shared the scene of bahubali while giving a review of PS-1. In which Kattappa kills bahubali from behind. In the post, the user has described Kattappa as a film and bahubali as a book.

One user wrote, 'The star cast and VFX of the film have made this film more fun.' Another user wrote, 'This is the best tamil movies I have seen so far.' A netizen has shared the view of the theater on social media. Seeing this film based on the historical event in the video, everyone got goosebumps.

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