Mira Rajput believes it's past time for the words "star wife" and "star kids" to be abandoned. During her visit on Janice Sequeria's talk show "Social media Star With Janice," Mira, who wed bollywood star shahid kapoor in 2015, voiced her sentiments. Mira talked about how the term "star wife" was used in the media. She expressed the opinion that the word ought to be outlawed and questioned why no one refers to the husbands of female actors as "star husbands."

Mira also expressed her dislike for the term "star kid" because of its neo-nazi overtones. We should move past it right away, she urged. Perhaps making an association was necessary for recall value. However, even if you put that on a child and call them a "star kid," people won't listen to them because of the term's sexist overtones. But that phrase is still in use, suggesting that it needs to sort of make a comeback. Similarly, I've never understood the idea of a star wife; what does that entail?

She further questioned, "Why is there a star wife when you may have an actor or celebrity or a star who has a wife or a spouse, nobody says star husband?" On the programme, Badshah, a rapper and singer, appeared with Mira. On her instagram Stories, Mira shared a clip from the chat show along with the words "Tons of Fun" and the hashtags "Badshah" and "Janice."

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