pooja hegde is one of the leading ladies in telugu cinema who has become well-known not only for her films but also for her pay. Four major films, including Radhe Shyam, Acharya, Beast, and Cirkus, were released in the past year, but none of them brought her any hit relief.

Surprisingly, pooja presently only has Mahesh and Trivikram's film #SSMB28 in her portfolio while her hindi film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, in which she starred alongside salman khan, is awaiting release. Many people are perplexed as to why this gorgeous and skilled hottie has yet to sign up for another movie. pooja is rumoured to be unwilling to even listen to the stories from directors, despite the fact that she could have easily signed many films by cutting her compensation.

There is a rumour going around that filmmaker trivikram requested pooja to hold off on signing new movie deals till May 2023. According to her astrology, she is claimed to be in a difficult phase, and the director is said to have encouraged her to sign new movies only when certain planetary changes take place in her astrological chart as a result of the influence of some favourable planets. Prior to this, the director is rumoured to have offered pawan kalyan similar counsel, and the famous actor began to wear several rings with precious stones as well for astrological adjustments. Even pooja is reportedly now trailing him, according to rumours.

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