Thalapathy After finishing Leo, reports indicate that Vijay would likely work with director atlee once more. According to rumours, sun Pictures will create the in question movie. The script is claimed to have already received Vijay's approval. The main concept also appealed to the makers. This will be Vijay's fourth movie, following bigil, Mersal, and Theri, if everything goes according to plan.

Atlee and Thalapathy Vijay are likely to work together once more. Only until Vijay completes the lokesh Kanagaraj-helmed movie Leo and the director completes Jawan is it likely that the new movie will be officially unveiled. While atlee is working on Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan's post-production, Thalapathy Vijay is currently filming Leo. The two will get together after their respective films are finished for the fourth time. The untitled movie is reportedly set to begin production later this year. A formal affirmation is still pending.

Although there has been rumour that sun Pictures will produce the movie, this has not yet been confirmed. Prior to this, there had been rumours that the movie's financier, bigil producer AGS Entertainment, would be sun Pictures and atlee and this might be massive than Bigil.

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