After their significant achievement with RRR, ram charan and Jr. ntr are the men of the moment. Not only did the single Naatu Naatu win india its first Golden Globe, but it also became very popular at the 2023 Oscars. At india Today Conclave 2023, which also occurred to be his first media appearance after winning the Oscars, he discussed the same topic.

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Recently, ram and his wife upasana were spotted at the airport in Hyderabad. A female admirer tried to take a photo with upasana as they entered. ram urged the security guard to refrain from pushing the admirer away when he attempted to do so. ram charan is winning hearts after getting Oscars for Naatu Naatu! The actor, who is on every director's desire list, has started up again with RC 15. He left hyderabad airport on a private aircraft on wednesday with a 5-month pregnant Upasana.

A female fan attempted to take a selfie with upasana as they were walking to the airport entrance. ram instructed the security officer who had pushed her and told him not to push the fan. This action earned admiration. Even a fan said, "His guard tried to push a fan away, but Ramcharan prevented him from doing that. An uncommon scene! Oh, you humble guy.

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