Hannah is under a lot of pressure to produce a statement dress that is distinctive and will garner favourable notice because she wants to enter her designs into her boss' spring fashion show. In addition to having a demanding work, Hannah has been dating her boyfriend, brandon Mychal Smith, for six months, and their relationship is now very serious. With so much on her plate, Hannah begins to experience pain at the location of her birthmark and eventually gives birth to a being that will feed off of her greatest insecurities.

The message of Appendage is clear—Hannah's self-doubt is actually the creature that emerges from her body. Hannah readily accepts the lies it tells her because she has always believed them about herself and it tries to wear her down in an effort to gain more control. Hannah's best friend Esther (Kausar Mohammed), whom the creature suggests is in love with Hannah's boyfriend, makes her start to question her own friendship with Esther. The creature's words torment Hannah, and the movie illustrates how simple it is to get in one's own way when self-doubt is so pervasive.

Appendage focuses on how damaging it can be to one's mental health and interpersonal relationships to feel that way, and how there is always a reason not to do something or to avoid being happy because Hannah thinks she shouldn't be. The movie also doesn't give the audience the idea that these problems can be solved easily or quickly because insecurity is portrayed in the horror as a continuous danger to one's life and well-being rather than something that goes away over night. It's undeniably a strength of the movie, just like the committed and impactful acts.

The movie's concluding act, though, falls short of everything that came before it. The buildup is strong, but the conclusion is not as exciting as the anticipation. By the time it reaches its conclusion, Appendage has started to lose steam, which prevents the movie from reaching its maximum potential. The horror is appropriately unsettling and disturbing, particularly as the creature matures and comes into its own, but the conclusion of the tale drags down the overall intensity. All things considered, Zlokovic delivers a strong performance in Appendage, and the horror aspects support the story's message of self-doubt even though it doesn't go beyond what is necessary.

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