Trivikram, a well-known director, is not active on social media. But it doesn't mean he is exempt from the high drama that is typical of telugu films. Mahesh has recently been harassed on social media by his supporters regarding the SSMB28 rumors. Now, bandla ganesh has been tossing 'Guruji' Trivikram's name on social media. Bandla tweeted earlier today that ambika Darbar Batti serves as the conduit between the devotee and the Lord. But in my situation, Guruji stands between me and my deity.

Bandla calls pawan kalyan his deity, and we all know trivikram is affectionately known as Guruji. We might deduce from this that Bandla is suggesting trivikram is the one keeping him and Pawan apart. Recently, Bandla tweeted that all one needed to do to become a producer was to send trivikram a pricey present. He's currently using his Guruji gola once more. trivikram is working on the highly anticipated SSMB28 sneak peek, which will be released on May 31 in a big way. He shouldn't have much patience for Bandla's blathering on social media.

Watch out this space for more updates in this regard and the tussle between the director and producer.

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