The kerala Story, a contentious movie, is currently dominating the box office. This movie overtook Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan to earn more than 200 crores in just five weeks, making it the second-highest-grossing bollywood movie of the year.

When kamal haasan attended the IIFA Awards event recently, he was asked about The kerala Story. Kamal said that he couldn't comment because he was against propagandist films. He said that the phrase "A True Story" should actually be factual rather than just being written at the end of the title of the movie.

Sudipto Sen, the director of The kerala Story, responded angrily to Kamal's remarks in the meantime. people who haven't seen the movie, according to him, are criticising it. He claimed in an interview with the National media that declaring the movie a propaganda piece before seeing it and forming an opinion amounts to engaging in propaganda. The only other words that come to me are hypocrisy or petty. I've given up educating them.

Adah Sharma played the lead character in The kerala Story. According to the film's marketing, it is based on the experiences of Hindu women in kerala who were coerced into becoming Muslims and joining ISIS.

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