Shiva Nirvana's first two films, "Ninu Kori" and "Majili," propelled him to new heights in the film industry. But "Tuck Jagadish" represented a setback for him professionally. Its OTT release, which restricted the harm to shiva Nirvana's reputation, was a blessing. But it seems that "Kushi" is about to cause serious damage. kushi was widely praised by critics and the media, but the general public did not find it compelling. There was a sharp difference in popular opinion right away.
The fate of the movie ultimately lay in the hands of the filmmaker, shiva Nirvana, despite having a cast that includes samantha, Vijay Deverakonda, vennela Kishore, and rahul Ramakrishna, possessing technical prowess, brilliant music, and stunning locales. Two significant criticisms of kushi were made at the grassroots level.
First of all, there was no unique plot or narrative. An emotional turning point is not necessary for a love story. Second, it made an effort to produce intense moments in the second half without significant underlying tension, a style more typical of tv serials. Although there were some positives, such as the actor performances and the soundtrack, they couldn't make up for these flaws.
Despite having great songs, all of the popular songs were featured in the first half of the film, which made the second half of the film mainly rely on the story rather than the music. Unfortunately, the second half of the movie did not hold the audience's attention, giving the impression that it got boring and difficult to watch. As a result of their disengagement, many viewers left the theatre before seeing the brahmanandam episode that was supposed to be the movie's climax. This episode wasn't handled well by the director.

The unpredictable nature of today's films is a worry. It becomes challenging to change a film's course through marketing alone after it gets or loses traction.  Some have claimed that attempting this particular film was shiva Nirvana's error. Making serial-ready stories could no longer be a practical strategy. The public can tolerate less boredom now that little films are exploring a variety of topics. While certain films, like Kushi, may get away with having a subpar second half, others, like it.
Looking back, it seems that Samantha's recent difficulties, such as the failure of "Sakunthalam" and her exaggerated portrayal of health problems, have harmed her attraction with the audience. Some people think the outcome may have been different if Mrinal Thakur had been cast in her place. However, it's important to remember that samantha signed on for the film before disclosing her health difficulties, and Mrinal Thakur's fame at the time wasn't at its present height. Vijay Devarakonda's reputation also suffered as a result of the results of "Liger."

Although "Kushi's" initial reception was deemed "okay," this kind of response is far from ideal for a movie with this sort of reputation. The movie ought to have opened in every theatre, including multiplexes, in an ideal world. The achievement of 100% approbation in a single theatre is not always a realistic standard, although this expectation fell short, especially in multiplexes. It's vital to remember that specific venues may have been the target of some tampering.
Before the movie's debut, two songs, "Na Roja Nuvve" and "Aaradhya," became incredibly popular and raised expectations. The fact that some people who excitedly anticipated the release ultimately chose not to watch it, despite the anticipation, emphasises how unpredictable the film industry is and how fate and timing play a big part in it.

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