There is a lot of craze among the fans about Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawaan. There is a whole gang of actresses with

King Khan in the film. Riddhi Dogra has also been seen in the film. She has played the role of Shahrukh Khan’s

mother. Riddhi made her bollywood debut through jawaan and in the very first film she had to play the role of a

mother, about which the actress has now spoken openly.

In an interview with siddharth Kanan, Riddhi Dogra revealed that playing the role of a mother in the film was

strange not only for her but also for Shahrukh Khan. king Khan himself had called it bad luck. The jawaan actress

said that it was very difficult for her to play the role and she regrets that she did not get a romantic role with

Shahrukh Khan.

Playing his mother’s role is unfortunate.

Riddhi Dogra said, It was very difficult for me to do what I did and I am very happy that he accepted it. But when

he said that unfortunately I was playing the role of his mother, the ground slipped from under my feet. That’s it, I

don't want anything else. Yes, it is unfortunate to play the role of his mother.

King Khan wanted to play a romantic role with Riddhi?

The jawaan actress said that king Khan was enough for her to understand that he wanted to play a romantic role

with her. He said, shahrukh khan is love, he is life, he is everything. He is very attractive. Riddhi further told that

when she shot together with shahrukh khan for the first time, he made her feel very comfortable.

He doesn’t get tired - Riddhi Dogra

Riddhi said, It felt as if we were old friends from Delhi. He was helping me with my lines, although he was not

required to do so. He wrote suggestions for me on the script. He doesn’t get tired. Even when they were asked to

pack, they told me they would come back to say goodbye. He is amazing.

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