As per report naveen Krishna spoke about his wife for the first time in Couple's Kitchen. Do you know what god said when he came to earth? Couple's Kitchen show airing on Zee kannada channel is getting big. Presented by master Anand, actor and director naveen Krishna and his wife ashwini were present as special guests. In each episode, a couple arrives to cook their favorite recipe and give it to the other to taste. naveen Krishna and ashwini arrived and made a special mushroom Chilli. naveen joked that adding mushroom to chili chicken masala would be enough. ashwini has also revealed that at what moment he felt like my girl. 'Today I will say that at any moment I feel that she is mine. Once I did karaga dance. Complete make-up and hair style was done for the entire the end, I was putting saffron on everyone's forehead, not only for the boys there, but also for the girls next to me. naveen Krishna said that there were no feelings in the eyes of other girls.

Naveen left there and did not put it on my forehead. Everyone there asked the question, why didn't she just put it to Naveen's wife Ashwini, immediately master Anand on the set brought Arishina kumkum and put Sindoora on it. In the end, naveen takes a look at his wife. naveen said that in a small promo I asked her directly if she would marry me and she was in 10th class then. naveen Krishna is currently acting in the serial Bhoomi Banda Bhagwant which is airing on Zee kannada channel. The serial is doing brilliantly and has reached the top position in TRP.

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