deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim, who became new parents, revealed the face of their son Ruhaan on

September 21. When Ruhaan turned three months old, the couple introduced their son to everyone. deepika and

Shoaib shared a post late night revealing baby Ruhaan’s face.

deepika Kakkar’s son Ruhaan turns 3 months old

He wrote in the caption- Our soul is in front of all of you, keep it included in your prayers. Shoaib had initially

planned to show Ruhaan’s journey since his birth. Now Ruhaan turned three months old and they celebrated it by

showing his face. Shoaib told that he wanted the face to be shown in a different way, but on this occasion, a cake

was sent to him and so when he turned 3 months old, they thought of showing his face. On this special occasion,

deepika was wearing a black suit and she had got matching black sweatshirts for Shoaib and Ruhaan. The whole

family celebrated by cutting the cake. Shoaib said, We always believe in listening to elders and work according

to their guidance. They had asked to show Ruhaan’s face only after three months, so we had to keep him away

from cameras and everyone.

The actress told how her baby boy behaves now

Shoaib further said- It was difficult not to show Ruhaan’s face for a long time. We clicked a beautiful picture

which was a very difficult task to do because he does not smile when we are clicking pictures. He will be smiling

all day long, but not during photo sessions. But now we are feeling lighter after finally showing his face.

Regarding son Ruhaan, deepika said, Mashallah, he is a very playful child, but he fell asleep while clicking the

face reveal photo. It’s a different kind of feeling that we can show his face to everyone.

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