Shah Rukh Khan fans were left shocked and heartbroken last month when it was announced that ranveer singh will be replacing him in Don 3. Over a month later, farhan akhtar has now clarified that he and SRK parted ways mutually for the best. Akhtar directed the first two movies in the Don franchise.

Farhan Akhtar was speaking to Variety when he revealed that he and Shah Rukh Khan could not find any common ground and therefore decided to part ways for Don 3. “I’m not in the position of replacing anybody. These are things that we discussed over the years, I wanted to take a certain direction with the story, and somehow we just couldn’t find common ground. We just parted mutually knowing that it’s probably for the best. So that’s where it is,” he said.

Farhan further revealed that ranveer singh is super excited about the movie and added, “I’m really excited Ranveer’s on board. He’s so charged and so ready to go. It’s a big film, just purely from the point of view of an actor, it’s a big thing to do, and we’re really excited to have him on board. His energy is energizing us, so to speak.”

Meanwhile, it is being speculated that kiara advani is likely to replace priyanka chopra as the new roma in Don 3. However, there is no official announcement to this as of now. Don 3 will hit theatres in 2025.

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