According to sources it is very common for the children of actors and actresses from the film industry to enter the acting industry later on. It can be said that especially from a young age, the fame of their mother and father is continuously impressed upon them, which attracts them towards the film industry. In that way, sridevi is an actress who has grown up with multi-talented skills to the extent that indian cinema is amazed. It is no exaggeration to say that his place in the film industry remains empty even after his death. Actress sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor's daughter janhvi kapoor has made a sensational allegation.

In a recent celebrity news interview with the company, janhvi kapoor said that AI technology has become more commonplace in recent times, but it scares her to a great extent. Narrating an incident that happened during her school days when she was studying in class four, Janhvi said that while she was going to school, she was shocked to see a message on Yahoo's website that she was going to become an actress.

He also said that the news spread after he posted a picture of him with his father and mother in public. Apart from that, janhvi kapoor has made a sensational allegation that her photos are being morphed and used on almost all porn websites.

She regretted that this is a big obstacle for her screen career as a young actress. He regretted that since his childhood, his mother and father were in the film industry, so the lime light falling on him also fell on him, and some of the photos he took then are being morphed and used on various pornographic websites even today.

Janhvi Kapoor, who entered the film industry as the daughter of a famous actress, has been traveling in the film industry since 2018. It is said that Jhanvi, who is acting with many leading heroes in the bollywood world, has opportunities to act in the tamil film world. However, this sensational complaint by a leading actress has caused a lot of controversy.

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