karan Johar’s most popular chat show coffee with karan remains very much discussed. This season is looking

very fun. Celebrities are seen making many shocking revelations related to their personal and professional lives.

Rani and kajol troubled karan Johar

Now, karan Johar’s two special guests rani mukherjee and kajol are going to be seen in the next episode of the

show. The promo of this upcoming episode has come out, which is very interesting. karan johar has shared a

new promo of the show on his instagram account, where both the sisters are seen pulling the director’s leg.

Rani said she will expose karan Johar

Rani says that she has come to expose karan johar on this show. karan johar is surprised to hear this and Kajol

while enjoying him says, I am liking the show already. Fans are eagerly waiting for this episode.

karan johar shared a funny story

During the conversation, karan johar shared an interesting anecdote. He says that I remember I was shooting for

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and my father was standing on the road outside Mehboob Studio and talking. Sanjay Dutt

asked, yash ji, what are you doing here? He said, My son has set up the set and I have come on the road.

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