Actor simbu fell in love at the age of 40..!?

While actor simbu is acting as silent in movies, is he currently in love? Simbu's latest photo has raised doubts. simbu is the eldest son of T. Rajendar, who is known as a versatile talent in the tamil film industry as a director, producer, writer, actor, and music composer. Acting as a child star in several films directed by her father, she built a huge fan base for herself. Following this, he took the avatar of the hero in the movie 'Kadhal Alivadhillai' which was released in the year 2002. Later, the films released in his acting like Dhum, Alai, Kuthu, Kovil, Manmadhan, Thoti Jaya, Saravana, and Vallavan became super duper hits. simbu also became the dream of many young fans.
As popular as simbu is, he has no dearth of controversies. While making his debut as a hero... he was in love with the daughter of a top actor. Later that love ended in a breakup, when he acted in the film Vallavan... Nayanthara was caught in the love trap, and even some intimate photos were leaked on social media and caused a stir. At some point, this love also broke halfway. Following this, simbu fell in love with Hansika while acting in Valu.. that too ended within a few months. Due to subsequent romantic failure and various controversies, simbu, who was not interested in cinema for a few years, lost weight and starred in the film "Manaadu" which again lifted Simbu's career. Following this, gautham Menon-starrer Ventu Thananthu Kadu also received a good response. The last time simbu starred in Pathu Thala, he gained weight again and now he is trying to lose the weight. Simbu's 48th film is directed by Desingu Periyasamy and produced by raj Kamal Films.Is actor simbu in love? A photograph of simbu sitting with a young girl has raised doubts. This latest photo was taken abroad. Let's wait and see if simbu will give the good news about the marriage at least next year to the fans who are constantly questioning when simbu will get married.

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