Salaar's trailer was published a few days ago. In 24 hours, it had over 116 million views and 2.7 million likes across all languages. Prabhas' modest dialogues in Salaar reveal an aspect of his personality. Even when the filmmaker stated that Salaar is a stand-alone film, the kgf ideas persist. During this time, speculation emerged about when prabhas might appear in the film.

Recently, directors have been editing trailer frames in the same sequence as the script and cinema graph. prabhas appears in the teaser after more than two minutes, implying that his appearance in the film would be delayed as well. The hero introduction episodes might follow the childhood episode, the Khansaar setup, and, of course, the conflict establishment. Fans, on the other hand, are eager to get high with Prabhas' terrifying action blocks as soon as the film begins.

Prashanth Neel recently mentioned how the concept for Salaar came to him while promoting his flick. "The idea of making Saalar came to me 15 years ago, but after making my first film Ugram, I got busy with kgf, which took me almost 8 years to make," he explained. That is, we began preparing kgf eight years ago, and its second installment was launched eight years later. As a result, the concept for this picture was already in my head, and during Covid, when kgf 2 was not yet out, we all had a lot of time because we were all sitting at home. So I did some work on it."

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