Reportedly every time aamir khan brings a film which is not only liked by the people but also leaves a different impression on the minds of the people. kiran rao and aamir khan are coming with one such film. The name of this film is Missing Ladies. aamir khan and kiran rao attended ABP Network's annual summit 'Idea of India' to talk about this film. Aamir told how kiran made this film.

Meanwhile aamir khan told that 'This script came to me first. This script came to me in a competition. I was the jury of that competition. I knew kiran was looking for a script for a long time. She is a good writer. She had written many stories and she used to tell me the stories every second-third month, then I gave her this script. Both of us liked it very much.

aamir khan said- kiran said- 'Okay, you are a very big star. My film is small, you will disassemble it. I said, you take a screen test to see if I can do it or not. After watching the screen test, we both discussed what expectations would be expected from me when I would come as a star. kiran further said - Aamir said that I will change my entire appearance, then I said, what is the benefit of you being in the film?

Moreover kiran further says that ravi kishan brings rawness to the film. After which Aamir says that 'Anyway ravi was my idea. kiran says- No, it was my idea. After which it becomes 'Tu-Tu-Main-Main' between the two. kiran said, 'Working with a new star cast has its own fear and many things, it's all a new package because you yourself don't know how they will do. We did a lot of workshops and rehearsals with all the actors. The children did a lot of Bhojpuri rehearsals.

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