In Manoj Bajpayee's biography written by piyush Pandey, the actor has spoken openly about his inter-faith marriage. Manoj Bajpayee, who came from a Brahmin family, married Shabana Raza, who belonged to the Muslim religion, at a time when marriage in other religions was quite shocking. In such a situation, the actor, who hails from bihar, talked about his family's reaction on marrying Shabana Raza in his biography.

Manoj and Shabana dated each other for many years and then got married. During this time, Manoj started introducing Shabana to his family. When Manoj's sister Poonam became a mother, Shabana brought a gift for her and later she also came to attend the wedding functions of Manoj's younger sister, after which their relationship became official.

How was the reaction of Manoj's family?

Manoj Bajpayee also talked about his family's reaction regarding marrying in another religion. He said, 'My family might have been concerned about Shabana's religion, but no one expressed it openly. He didn't even show any sadness. Whereas Shabana's family was open and progressive. He was not against inter-faith marriage and he had made it completely clear.

Manoj's father had said this

piyush Pandey tells that it was not easy for a traditional Brahmin family of bihar to marry a Muslim girl at that time. But everyone was aware of Manoj's stubborn nature. Regarding the marriage of Manoj and Shabana, the actor's father late Radhakant Bajpayee had said, 'We did not say anything about marriage because this happens in the film world.'

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