'The Great indian Kapil Show' not going off air? 

Everyone likes the new version of Kapil Sharma's comedy show 'The Great indian Kapil Show'. In this show too, kapil sharma is entertaining the audience along with his old star cast. Many celebs have come to Kapil Sharma's show so far. people eagerly wait for every episode of this show because it is a full entertainment comedy show for the family.

'The Great indian Kapil Show' is not going off air

7 episodes of 'The Great indian Kapil Show' have been streamed so far. The first season of the show has been wrapped up. After Kiku Sharda on the news of the show going off-air, now krishna Abhishek has clarified that The Great indian Kapil Show is not going off-air. krishna Abhishek has now told that the team wrapped up the first season because he had a contract. krishna Abhishek said, 'Hey, our show is not ending, only the first season is over. Our contract was that it has ended for season 1. The news of the second season of the show brought a smile on the faces of the fans again. Many stars came in the first season of the show. Now fans are excited to know who will be coming in the second season of the show.

Stars from hollywood to sports will come in the second season

According to the report, stars from bollywood, hollywood to sports are going to come in the second season of 'The Great indian Kapil Show'. Many great stars including hollywood singer Ed Sheeran, badminton player sania mirza and bollywood actor anil kapoor are going to come as guests in the second season of the show. The audience is desperate to watch the second season of 'The Great indian Kapil Show'.

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